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The Doctor & Lady Caroline land on the world of duplicates. The 13th Doctor meets Byron and Lady Caroline Lamb. Timelord mating season has a certain effect on the Doctor. The Doctor meets up with a race of futanari. and other exciting erotic at!

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She has her braces put on and her reaction to them. A story about a very special Halloween patient. Married Doctor helps the next door with his big problem. and other exciting erotic at! ‘doctor’ stories. Active tags. Fay’s big surprises and lots more sex on her Birthday. by

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The Doctor’s Slave -Doctor Who fanfiction Short Story. Aria’s foster mum solds Aria to a guy -that happens to be her favourite actor Matt Smith. Is he a sicko or not? Will she accept the fact that she’s sold as a sex slave or not? Find out! #doctorwho #kyliejenner #mattsmith #romance #tardis

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As I entered the room I say her doctor who I recogized and the new doctor. I was surprised to see my wife sitting up with the gown at her waist and her breasts exposed, but said nothing. The doctor said the had some questions about her pain during sex and asked if I had anything to add. Yes I said sometimes we have to stop as her has a pain.

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Doctor Who Sex Stories So this is my first fanfic and also my first shot at smut. This story will contain any person or pairing from the Doctor Who universe (no gay/slash though).

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My Fantasies – a series of stories describing fantasies I have masturbated to throughout my life This is the first in a new series of stories detailing my sexual fantasies. I have several fantasies, which I use regularly during masturbation.

Having visited the same doctor since I was a I knew inevitably the day would come that he would retire. The letter in my hand confirmed my

The Doctor smiled and shouted to his other selves: "The coast is clear! Come on up, lads!" A cacophony of stamping feet followed his remark, and he went forward to kiss Amy on the lips just as the other Doctors burst into the room.

The doctor was tinkering around with the tardis again while rose was sitting on the seat, with Rose staring at the doctors plump ass wriggling around as he was trying to fix the engines on the tardis after the doctor had crashed (unless you ask the doctor, who thinks that the asteroids came into them).

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