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Cracking of the corners of the mouth is a common condition that is frequently seen in both the offices of dermatologists and dentists. It is known as perleche or angular cheilitis.

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Causes of Cracked Corners of the Mouth 1. Angular Cheilitis. This is a condition that affects the corners and nooks inside of the mouth. It can make eating very painful and causes ulcers and sores to form at the corners of the lips. The sores can bleed a great deal, especially if a person opens her mouth too wide when there is a flare up.

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And, obviously, only use a tiny bit in the corners of your mouth and don’t actually ingest it.

I am a 31 male, and the cornersof my mouth split and take forever to heal. It is not a cold sore. It doesn’t swell up or anything. The skin just splits and takes a long time to heal. It doesn’t bleed or anything, but it hurts some.

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Inflammation at one or both corners of the mouth is termed as angular cheilitis. These are a kind of sensitive sores, which start with a little discomfort and generally take a serious form, causing dryness, chapping and eventually, red lesions.

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Angular cheilitis is a condition that causes red, swollen patches in the corners of your mouth where your lips meet and make an angle. Other names for it are perleche and angular stomatitis.

Cracked corners of mouth are a common problem that dentists and dermatologists encounter in their profession. There are several reasons that can lead to cracked corner of mouth, with most of them coming from the mouth or around it. Though it is rare, systemic diseases can lead to …

Sep 01, 2008 · These mouth corner splits or cracks always accompany Angular Cheilitis and they can be very hard on your face especially if you work outside in any weather. One of the main problems with cracked, split, or torn mouth corners is that it is usually very difficult to get rid of on a permanent basis.

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This is the most chronic skin infection that numerous folks are struggling with globally, including myself. It causes swelling on one or both corners of your mouth, leading to splitting, cracking, dryness and eventually red sores at the edges of the mouth.

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