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"Sextris" – play un unusual Tetris while looking at attractive female curves.

Sep 30, 2014 · Tetris sex even exists outside the Internet—as a prophylactic. >>Rule 34: Tetris Karma Sutra Look, I can’t, in good conscience, link to the original source here.

Can We Guess Your Favorite Sex Position With This Classic Nintendo Test? Time to play ~Smash~!

Sup bitches (and whores), I was listening to GameStop’s HotSpot this week while I was eating and one of the homework assignments was making up video game sex positions. There are some rules though, and I figure the forums here can do a better job of making people "LOL".

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Mar 11, 2009 · With Tetris, EVERY piece has FOUR individual blocks, in THIS, however, some pieces have THREE blocks, some have five, and, really, no, this simply isn’t a Tetris variant of ANY kind, and therefore, even CALLING one is COMPLETELY unacceptable!

Sex Tetris was a take on Tetris where, instead of falling blocks, there were humans in sexual positions that you had to ‘fit together’. You had to match the right positions to move up levels. What his meant that it was a little basic- perhaps homophobic, no men on men or women on women action, also certain positions were ‘not allowed’.

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"Sex Tetris" is a variation of the massively popular Russian "Tetris" game. In Tetris the player stacks matching colorful blocks together and tries to stop the blocks from piling up to the top of the screen.

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A new study by psychologists at Plymouth University, U.K., and Queensland University of Technology, Australia, found that playing just three minutes of old-college video game Tetris can weaken your

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There’s no doubt that the life of a Tetris block is a sad and lonely one, but it’s important to enjoy yourself while you’re here, and part of a happy existence is a good sex life. With that in

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